What we want


Indivdual Liberty
We oppose the growing paternalism by state and society, especially in matters of private life. We respect everyone's personal liberty, as long as it don't affect someone else's rights. State egalitarianism will be met with resolute opposition.

We demand the development of a German Constitution, to be voted upon by the German people, thus gaining it's sovereignity.

Freedom of speech
We fight for the freedom of the mind, the freedom of speech and science and against the growing intolerance, against the  demonization of digressive oppinions and terms (political correctness). We are for esteem of personality and diverting political views.

Protection of the family
We call for the protection of the family. The family must not become the sheer object of state care, which is handed out alms of the very financial resources it has been stripped off beforehand.

No "United States of Europe"
We categorically reject the formation of an European Federal State; especially and even more so if it comes without respective national legitimation by referendums and via the backdoor of many small political steps, aimed to make the direction irreversible. We will oppose this policy fiercely.

We feel constrained to the principle of subsidiarity. Subsidiarity to us means that the lower political level has the right to deal with their very own affairs by itself. The upper level may only act into those affairs if the lower level can't achieve its target or only can do so at irresonsible costs.
Wir stand for strong communities, a federal state, international cooperation and reject centralistic and egalitarian tendencies.

Cutting back the EU or exit
We endorse competition and the free market als political principles. This is valid for European policies as it is for the economic policies. Therefor we reject the notion of a transfer union in Europe. We long for the reinstitution of competences into the national bodies. The EU has to become a lean organisation again, with few, essentially supra-national, but firmly defined competences. If that isn't achievable in the medium term, we pledge for the exit of the Federal Republic out of the EU.

Preservation of the national state
We stand for a Europe of sovereign, political self-dependant national states, having an EEC-like common market, cooperatin politically and living together in friendship and good neighbourhood.

Abolition of the EURO
We stand for the fastest possible termination of the failed experiment of the monetary union and for restoration of national currency sovereignity in Europe.

Return to a national currency
We demand for Germany the reinstitution of a national currency under the sole responsability of the Bundesbank. In case of need this has to happen by a unilateral exit out of the monetary union.

Cutting back the party state
We pledge for a strengthening of democracy and civil liberties. We are for an extensive reform of the political system, leading the parties back to their roles as defined in the Grundgesetz: to take part in the political process, but not dominating it. We are for opening election rules to poliical societies, for the improvement of the rights of the single representative and against global alimentation of party trusts by the state.

Less state
We reject an evergrowing addiction to reglementation, we reject regulatory state interventions in the name of abstract principles, we reject the increasing interventions of the state and especially the EU into the private life of people and we reject the stealthy disapropriation of property and self-earned income by punishment taxes.

Elimination of the greenie-delusion
We support the protection of the environment and the natural resources. We do denounce though the dogmatism of a more and more demanding new eco-religion. We addvocate the social market economy, technical progress, economical competition and economical growth.

Qualified immigration
We reject unlimited immigration. Germany can not be an immigration destination for unqualified immigrants, who will be a burden to the social systems for at least two generations. We demand a quoted, point-based system of regulated immigration.

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